Reap what you sow

A while ago I was going to some depressing thoughts, stress, and times.

Then I went out and turned that frown upside down.

Ignoring flashing warning signs and instincts, I accepted something I shouldn’t have.

There are consequences to be had.

Now I’m reaping what I sowed.

My friend is having great joy in seeing my mini dilemma.

She doesn’t even know the whole truth of what happened…

What I am doing now is half running away.

This hole that I’ve dug myself will only get deeper the longer I prolong this.

Like a bandage that needed ripping as fast as possible, as soon as possible.

Just thinking about it makes me want to smash my head against the wall…..

This would be considered a lesson in never do stupid things while bored and depressed.

 Oh the hilarity of it all РР-


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